Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Watercolor Twist Galaxy Card by Karen

Hi friends - Karen here with another ColorIn Watercolor Twist project. I continue to be impressed by the wonderful versatility and strong colors of these ColorIn Watercolor Twists. 

Today, I used them to create a galaxy/night sky effect for a card. 
To begin, I cut a page from an old hymnal that included the lyrics to Silent Night. If you don't have a hymnal (I picked up several at a big book sale) you could print off the lyrics from online. This particular sheet was thicker than Bible paper, so it held water fairly well as I worked the colors together. The words get a bit muted and covered by the paint, but are still visible enough to know they are there and what they are.

To create the effect, I used the black, purple, and blue Watercolor Twists. I began with the black around the edges and added the purple and blue gradually, being generous with the water to blend and layer them with the paintbrush. One of the tricks to creating a galaxy is to create a lot of movement of color across your page, as opposed to well defined, even splotches of color. Don't be nervous about going dark - watercolors are very forgiving and color can be picked up with the watercolor brush if needed. When the colors were nearly dry, I added a bit of watered down white acrylic and lots of white spray/splatter drops for that starry (or maybe snowy) look.

For this project, I used ColorIn Watercolor Twists with the included brush.

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Fiki said...

this is amazing!