Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Treat Containers by Samantha and Melanie

Today we have a special treat!  Actually 2 special treats!  Samantha Taylor and Melanie Jarocki both have ideas for last minute treat projects.  You will have plenty of time to create them!  

Let's take a look at Samantha's project first...

Hello! Samantha here with you today sharing a holiday treat container with a surprise. Years ago we started to find unique and sometimes silly ways to give my nephews money for birthdays and Christmas. Today I'm sharing how I used some fun SRM containers to come up with this year's Christmas gift. 

These may look like simple candy containers made from the Small Clear Take Out Box and the Clear Rectangular Box, but they hold a secret inside. 

I put their Christmas money in a Tiny Tube...

then I nestled it inside one of the clear boxes and filled in all the space around the tube with their favorite candy. 

I finished off my treat boxes with stickers from We've Got Your Sticker MerryWe've Got Your Sticker Plus Christmas, and We've Got Your Border Christmas. I really love the seamless look of the clear stickers on the clear boxes! 

I put the finishing touches on the boxes by creating tags from Labels By The Dozen Christmas Greetings. I think this holiday treat container with a surprise is going to be a really memorable gift this year. How do you like to make giving money a fun surprise?

And now here is Melanie's project....

(To the tune of Jingle Bells . . . ) “Oh what fun it is to craft with S-R-M stickers!”

Seriously, when I was introduced to SRM stickers over 5 years ago, it felt like I held the winning lottery ticket to crafting. I love that I can sit down to make a project--clean and simple, embellished, or artistic--and it turns out looking great. 

These Christmas treat bags were pretty quick to make and are a festive way to share holiday cheer. I used one sheet of stickers, embossed kraft bags, punched scallop circles, and twine.

The Christmas Tree stickers are a 1-¾” circle and fit perfectly inside the 2” punched scallop circles. The clear stickers are seamless on the chevron embossed bags. I love how well-thought-out these products are :)  Securing the treat bags closed with twine is a nice finishing touch.

What a sweet way to share treats during the holidays!

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