Monday, June 27, 2016

New Design Team Introduction!

Today's the day!  With incredible excitement, I would like to introduce you to the new SRM Design Team!  We have selected an amazing group of crafters, some brand new and others from past teams, for our new team and we think you'll be inspired in new ways with this exceptional group of talented artists.  

Now let's meet the team. Be sure to hop over to their blogs for a peek at their amazing work.  
What a wonderful crafty group they are!

Here are our brand new members!

Tanya Adams

Karen Hunter

Amber Rasmussen

Samantha Taylor

And here are the returning members…. some from days gone by and other from our most recent team.   The first 3 are from years gone by...

Tobi Crawford

Shelly Kurth

Melanie Jarocki

And the remaining members are from our current team.  
Just could not say good-bye!

Shannon Morgan

Welcome to the SRM Design Team ladies or welcome back!  We cannot wait to see all the crafty projects you create.  You each bring special talents to the team and we can't wait to feature you!  The first post with the new team will be on Monday, August 1st.  Be sure to join us then!  And don't forget to visit our new team members' blogs today for a peek at their style!

And now to announce the WINNERS of our 3 giveaways from last week.  Please email me with your mailing address:

Day #1:  Stamps - WINNER:  Katie B.  Her favorite stamp was the Bible Journaling "Just Believe". 

Day #2:  Calendars - WINNER:  Lisa in Texas who loves our new mini calendars.

Day #3:  Coloring markers and brushes - WINNER - Virginia Lu who loves the blending pen. 

Thanks!  And see you tomorrow!


Friday, June 24, 2016

New Product Introduction - Patterned Vinyl - Day #5

Welcome to day #5 of our new products introduction week.  Today we show you our newest additions to our vinyl offerings. 

Patterned vinyl is so much fun!  Everyone loves the dots and stripes and chevron designs and all the beautiful colors.  And now…just in time for all your fall projects, we add the color Orange to our palette.  

And we've also added Gold and Silver Metallic Heat Transfer to the line.  You can make some amazing things with these!  Which is your favorite?  Gold or Silver?

 How fun is this T-shirt?  Love these metallic dots!

And who would not want to receive this personalized metallic gold pillow?  
Me…me! :)  

So that's is!  Our week of new products have included: 

Bible Journaling Stamps 
Planner Stamps 
Keepsake Calendars 
Mini Calendar Stickers 
Jute Twine 
Burlap Ribbons 
Markers & Watercolor Pencils

What products are on your wish list?  Leave a comment and you might just WIN your favorites.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Product Introduction - Jute Twine & Burlap Ribbon - Day #4

I love everything Burlap and Jute, so I've added more of these natural products to the line. Today I'm sharing with you some new Jute Burlap Twine and Burlap Ribbon too!

Here are all 9 colors of the Jute Twine.  It's 1.5 mm so it's perfect to use on projects, cards and gift wrap.  Oh what lushious colors:  Natural, Red, Green, Moss, Orange, Black, White, Blue, Light Brown.  YUM!

And while we are talking natural and textured, here are some lovely new burlap ribbons.  2 are fringed and 1 is wired.  LOVE these!

1 1/2" x 10 yards spool.  

2 1/2" x 10 yards spool.  

2" x 10 yards spool.  

So what would you make with these lovely twines and ribbons?

Join us tomorrow for our final day of introductions when we will show you some new vinyls that have been added to our line. 

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Product Introduction - Coloring Markers, Watercolor Pencils & Blender Brushes - Day #3

So excited to share with you a new line of markers and pencils that are perfect for Coloring Books, Bible Journaling, Stamping, Card Making and more!

There's a wonderful variety of markers and pencils so let's take a look at them all! 

First up is the ColorIn Marker.  They are markers in brush and fine point that are blendable colors for your favorite coloring craftiness! 

They come in two sizes:  4 pack and 10 pack. 
And they come in a variety of color combinations: 
Primary, Bright, Pastel, Natural, Bold and Neon.  
These markers are water-based dye ink.

Next we have the ColorIn Watercolor Pencils along with WaterIn Brushes that are a great tool for controlled blending, shading and highlighting.   First use the Color In pencils and then use the Blender Marker or a wet brush to give it a watercolor look. 

I love this next product called Color In Watercolor Twist.  It come in 3 different options:  12, 24 or 36 pieces.  Just twist the pencil to feed the lead out!  Color first with the Watercolor Twist and then use a blender, water brush or damp paint brush to create a watercolor effect.  Brush included with set. 

And finally we have the LePlume II, another great choice for adult coloring books.  It's a double ended marker with a brush tip for covering small and large areas and a fine tip for detailing.  It's water-based dye ink and comes in two sizes of sets:  6 piece and 12 piece assortments.  

And there's a blender marker available for this product too!

So now for the big question….  which one is your favorite?   Hard to choose, don't you think?

Come see us again tomorrow for another new product on our week long introduction of new products.  See you soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Product Introduction - Calendars - Day #2

It's Calendar time!  And SRM offers lots of options for calendars!  

First up, our Keepsake Calendars!  The 12 x 12 Calendar is back by popular demand!  This product is perfect for creating scrapbook like pages on the top of each month.  Here's the 3 sizes of Keepsake Calendars:  12 x 12, 8 x 8 and 6 x  6.  Which one is your favorite? 

Here's one of my all time favorite 12 x 12 calendars by Corrie Jones. Aren't those 12 x 12 photos spectacular!

12" x 12"

Here's one of my all time favorite 8 x 8 calendars by Tobi Crawford. What a talent!  This size is perfect for planning or for gifting!

8" x 8" 

And here's a 6 x 6 calendar by Valerie Mangan, each month documented.  LOVE this!  See all details HERE

6" x 6"

And we have the mini calendars and year of memories each year and for 2017 here they are!  They were featured a few weeks ago on the blog.  See more details HERE!

Leave a comment here on the blog and you may WiN some of our new Calendar products! 

See you tomorrow for more new product goodness!

Monday, June 20, 2016

New Product Introduction - Bible Journaling & Planner Stamps - Day #1

Welcome to Day #1 of our Summer 2016 Product Introduction.  For the next 5 days you will be treated to a variety of new products that we are very excited about.   

Today we are sharing with you 10 new Bible Journaling stamps and 3 new Planner stamps. 

SRM has always had products with Faith themes and with the growing popularity of Bible Journaling we are expanding that offering.  Here are the 10 new faith stamps.  Enjoy! 

I love how these stamps can be used to create so many different verses or expressions.  Like the first one can be: 

The Lord is kind & merciful 
The Lord is my strength
The Lord is my light 
The Lord is my shepherd 
The Lord is my Savior 
The Lord is my Refuge 
The Lord is my Rock

And I love the combination of words, fonts, images and borders.  You know how much I love Sticker Stitches and now they are part of many of our stamps. 

For those crafters who do not illustrate of do lettering, these stamps are perfect!  And even for those who do illustrate and do lettering, these stamps will blend in nicely with their work. 

These stamps are great not only for Bible Journaling but also for Faith cards and layouts.  

And we have 3 new BIG Faith stamps too!  Love the bold words and the stamped stitches too!

Love planners?  We do too!  And we have 3 new Planner stamps for school, birthday and healthy living.  Which one is your favorite? 

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us which stamp is your favorite and you just might WIN it! 

See you tomorrow with more new products!