Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Love by Shelly

Hey y'all! Shelly, here! 

Today, I'm sharing a simple and fun watercolor art project! 

Remember when you were a kid and use to do the whole 'butterfly technique' (at least I think that's what it was called?...) Where you take a piece of paper and put some paint on one side of it and then fold it in half while it's still wet and then open it back up...and ta-da, you have a image on both sides of the paper?! 

Well, I took that technique and used it for my image. Though, instead of folding my paper, I just laid my other sheet on top and pressed it down, while rubbing my fingers over it as well. It took my several times to figure out what worked best and what I liked best because every time it was different...though, fun! 

Now because I used watercolor pencils, it took some trail and error to figure out the 'transferring' part. So what worked best for me, was to take my pencil and draw the image on a piece of watercolor paper. Which, I repeatedly went over the same line several times. After, I spritzed water on my image and then again used my pencil over the wet part of my image. At first it seemed like it wasn't working well, but after the water soaked in more it almost seem like a pastel/crayon of some sorts. 

To finish things off, I added my image in a frame and then used some vinyl for my sentiment piece. Which I don't have an electric die cutting machine, so I used the vinyl with a regular old die and machine. (note: for that process, I did have to run it through my machine many times.) 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day! 

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*Vicki* said...

So soft and beautiful Shelly!

Drive By Crafts said...

wow Shelly.. this is gorgeous.