Thursday, May 18, 2017

Party Animal Vinyl Personalized TUBES by Shantaie

Hello!  Shantaie here with a wonderful way to personalize your SRM Tubes! 

Summer is on the horizon and that is something to celebrate! I have a super fun end of the school year favor for all of your party animals! Adding vinyl to a 4" TUBE is such a great way to personalize any idea you may have. How could I resist these little gold animals to top off my TUBE?!! I just knew animal crackers were the perfect little treat for a wild summer going away gift!

I added the vinyl first, then filled the TUBE with animal crackers...minimal snacking occurred, so I had plenty to fill them all up! :)
A bit of twine in two colors was used to tie on the little tags that came with the golden wild animals, and a cut section of border on each lid and tag finished them up! 

I know some of you are excited about summer, and some of you may be counting the days until school will start again before it's even out, either way I hope you make it a wild summer to remember!

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