Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May/June Planner Spread by Christine

Anybody else feel like summer requires even more planning than the rest of the year? Christine joining you today to show how I am getting summer ready with my planner and some handy supplies from SRM Stickers!

If you are like me, you love both stickers and stamps for your planner and SRM has you covered all around!

Since it was a week that overlapped both May and June I added some Mini Calendar 2017/Decorative stickers so I could better keep track of my dates. I also pulled out my Notes to Self Planner stamp set and did some stamping in there.

I love the Freestyle/Summer sticker set and try to use each different set each season (yes! There's one for each season!)  My Black Le Pen is seriously one of my all time faves in my supplies.  May it never run out of ink or get lost, I may cry ;)!

You can use this awesome little Wafer Die to cut out these calendars or trim carefully with your scissors.  How are you decorating your planner these days?  Jump on all these fun summer stickers and stamps to make your planning time both fun and creative!

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