Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bible Journal Art by Shannon

Good morning, Shannon here, sharing yet another bible journaling page with you! I'm offering you a little bit of ingenuity this morning.

Have you ever thought to add chalkboard markers to your journal entries?

The journal entry you'll see below was used using the BISTRO Chalkboard MARKERS above.  This entry also has LePen or two, of course!

The following pages are journaling the readings for April 30, 2016. I highlighted the text that I wanted to focus on, I also drew some arrows, well, seven...because when I journal, I try to focus in on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fun Fact about me: Seven is a special number in my life as well, Paddy and Mack were both born on the 7th, and we adopted 2 of our 3 dogs on the 7th..and the other was actually born on July you will always find seven somewhere in the things I share with you.

Here is a close up of the entry. You'll notice that the "chalkboard" is not a perfect, straight line, I don't do perfect, I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. It's just "not a thing" in my life, and I don't even attempt to try.

I added a lot of "dots" of various sizes and colors. I outlined my text too, I felt like alone it didn't stay out enough, so I went back after looking at it awhile, and committed to the outline. The beauty in using something like a chalkboard marker, you can go over it in black and begin again. It's "smeared" a little, because I wanted texture.

Here's an additional close up, you can see the outlines. The only thing I used that wasn't SRM, was a gold marker to add a bit of sparkle to the page as well.

Thanks for letting me share with you! ❤ 

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