Wednesday, June 1, 2016

⁕{Be the Light}⁕ by Shannon

There is a lot of Bible Journaling inspiration out there, it's almost overwhelming. EVERY single entry is beautiful...whether you're a beginner or you're an individual who teaches workshops, it's all created out of devotion and love.

Some pages are lumpy, and others have only a few words on them. I'm still finding my style. You may be still finding yours, or even afraid to begin, jump in friend, spread the word and remember this is another way you're leaving a piece of yourself here for your loved ones. 

You'll find that sometimes pens alone are a formidable tool for getting your thoughts onto paper.

SRM Stickers carries Le Pens in a variety of colors...they are perfect for your planners, doodling, writing a heartfelt note, addressing envelopes, all the lost arts of simple thoughtfulness. These pens are also versatile, easy to work with and can color small areas with ease. I wouldn't recommend them for coloring large areas. 

This page features scripture from the Gospel of John:

Here is a close up of the highlighted text that I wanted to feature:

I worked in a warm color palette because the entry made me feel warm and safe. I used red, because it made me think of love and it compliments yellow and orange so well.

I used Le Pens from the following sets:  Neon, Primary and Dark.

Have a great day! 

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Karen Letchworth said...

Awesome Bible journalling....I absolutely LOVE this. Thanks for the creative inspiration. SRM Stickers has SO many great products.
Karen L