Friday, June 24, 2016

New Product Introduction - Patterned Vinyl - Day #5

Welcome to day #5 of our new products introduction week.  Today we show you our newest additions to our vinyl offerings. 

Patterned vinyl is so much fun!  Everyone loves the dots and stripes and chevron designs and all the beautiful colors.  And now…just in time for all your fall projects, we add the color Orange to our palette.  

And we've also added Gold and Silver Metallic Heat Transfer to the line.  You can make some amazing things with these!  Which is your favorite?  Gold or Silver?

 How fun is this T-shirt?  Love these metallic dots!

And who would not want to receive this personalized metallic gold pillow?  
Me…me! :)  

So that's is!  Our week of new products have included: 

Bible Journaling Stamps 
Planner Stamps 
Keepsake Calendars 
Mini Calendar Stickers 
Jute Twine 
Burlap Ribbons 
Markers & Watercolor Pencils

What products are on your wish list?  Leave a comment and you might just WIN your favorites.


Giorgia Rossini said...

I love planner stamps, keepsake calendars and markers & watercolor pencils :)
Great new products!

Nancy said...

Wow! That gold is incredible! Lovely patterns with the orange too.
So many fun new products! My favorites are the Bible Journaling Stamps, and the watercolor twist pencils! :o)

craftymom205 said...

Loving the vinyl. I like making wood signs and need to try my hand at decorating t-shirts with the htv.

Shelly said...

Wow! Awesome!! I do love that pillow, as well. ;)
Amazing release!

cghundley said...

Love the patterned
vinyls! I could use
more planner stamps.
Carla from Utah

Sue D said...

It has been a great week. My faves are the Bible Journaling stamps. the vinyl and the jute twine/burlap ribbons.

Leanne said...

Love them all. The markers & watercolor pencils top my list, followed by vinyl, burlap ribbon & mini calendar stickers.

Katie said...

The Jute, twine, and burlap, the twist watercolor crayons, the water brushes... Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Amy C. said...

The silver vinyl is my favorite from today's post! The twine is awesome for so many projects, and all the new markers are great!