Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mini Calendar Gift by Lorena

I celebration of our new 2017 Mini calendars, this week we are sharing some of my favorite mini calendar projects from our Design Team.  Today we have a little beauty from Lorena Cant√≥.  Using the 2017 Standards Mini calendars, 2017 Year of Memories and one of SRM's small glassine bags, you can create this little beauty too!

Lorena wanted a calendar that could be pinned to a cork or bulletin board and changed every month.  She created 12 die cut tags and adhered different colored 1/2" strips to each of them.   She then placed the calendars on each month.  What a happy project!

Once the individual months are finished she created a cover page with the year.  You change it to 2017 to make it current and you are good to go!  Put them all inside a small SRM glassine bag and it's great to use for yourself or to make for gifts.  

Super fun, super fast and something that anyone would love to receive.


Nicole Douthit said...

Wow! Ultra Fabulous Ideas! Love all the crafty calendar inspiration :)

Shelly said...

Such a fun idea!

Ruza Rebel said...

Perfect gift! Love the tags and the color coding she used.