Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Vinyl Home Decor by Shantaie

Hello!  Shantaie here today with a vinyl project. 
Creating a home we love is universal, almost every person has a place that evokes the feeling of home and warmth. Decorating is as deeply rooted as any nesting behaviour through the centuries and fills our hearts and homes with uniqueness and happiness. 

I have not escaped the gravitational pull of seasonal decorating, as I'm sure many of you enjoy alongside me! Adhesive vinyl is a decorators best friend for the changing seasons,  easily added or removed to allow for a new look using the same piece is my favorite aspect of vinyl. 

I adore this galvanized flower bucket, it works in amy room, for every holiday or season. For spring I have added a heart shaped butterfly design with pastel patterned vinyl cut with my Silhouette Cameo, remember you do not need a cutting machine to use vinyl, you can use punches, dies, or hand trim simple shapes or graphic designs. 

Applying vinyl to a surface that is not flat takes a little adjustment, start in the center and slowly work out pressing into the hills and valleys with your fingers as you go. 

Use a burnishing tool to smooth out any wrinkles, bubble or loose edges, and peel away transfer tape.

If you have a section that does not adhere, simply place the transfer tape back down and press firmly along the cut, take your time and burnish all cuts, this will only take a few extra moments and it will make your vinyl project a big success!

Fill with flowers, branches, or cotton and enjoy all spring! 

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