Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Layering Vinyl by Shantaie

Hello!  Shantaie joining you today to share some vinyl layering fun!

There is no doubt that vinyl crafting is here to stay, it's so easy to use that nearly anyone can enjoy this method of altering. The one thing I see people shy away from is layering vinyl, and it is a snap to layer colors to achieve a dimensional design, let me show you how.

I chose a small black and white clipboard to work with,  I wanted a little clipboard to use as art for the wall next to my desk. I chose a bold design with multiple colors, and cut all four colors of vinyl with my silhouette. 

Weed the cuts, and begin by laying down the first color, or the main piece of your design, in this case the greenery is the focal point that everything else layers onto.

You simply continue to build your design one piece at a time, just as you would paper, don't worry your first layer will stay in place as long as you properly adhere it. 

Once I had all my layers in place I added a few little dots cut out with a circle punch, and a gold sentiment. 

It is a perfect little addition to my studio, and only took around 10 minutes to make once I cut the vinyl. 

Layering colors and textures of vinyl is really quite simple, even a beginner can enjoy spectacular results with a little know how! 

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