Monday, September 2, 2013

Project Life Gift Set Tutorial by Roberta Rosi

For the next few days we are going to share some fun and fabulous ideas for Project Life.Today we are treating you to a PL Tutorial from Roberta Rosi.  For this post Roberta made a set of cards to use in Project Life.  She created these as a gift.  Love this idea.  So sit back and relax and enjoy Roberta's step by step instructions. 

Roberta started with 5 sheets of Becky Higgins Project-Life patterned papers. She cut them in the three classic formats used for Project Life: 4 x 6,  6 x 4 and 3 x 4 making 10 cards for each format.  She then rounded the corners on all cards using a 1/2" corner punch. 

Next, Roberta started decorating the first six cards (4 x 6) with SRM Stickers including the Snappy Months small and Black Sticker Stitches, adding some strips of paper, hearts, butterflies and buttons.  Roberta created cards for January through June.

Roberta did the same with the other six cards (6 x4) using the same stickers and embellishments for the other 6 months of the year, decorating a total of 12 cards, one for each month of the year!

Finally, she decorated the remaining six small cards (3 x 4) with the SRM Sticker Sentiments, Life is Good design, Black Sticker Stitches and paper embellishments.

Roberta now has a total of 30 cards (18 of which are decorated) which are ready to be packed!  

She tied them together with Twinery Charcoal Twine.  

Then she folded and tied with twine SRM's Mini Calendar stickers.

She packed everything in a 5 x 7 1/2" SRM Kraft bag. 

Now her PL cards are ready to be used as gift!! 
What a fabulous idea!   

Thanks Roberta for all the inspiration.  What a wonderful tutorial.  Are you ready to create some Project Life gift bags for your friends?  

Be sure to join us tomorrow for some Project Life goodness from Laurel Seabrook.  See you soon!

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