Friday, September 20, 2013

Mixed Media Table Decor by Angélique

When Angélique Jarrier creates a project, she loves to make them 3-D and she loves to make things from scratch that are completely out of the ordinary.  How amazing is this latest project; a decorative guitar that doubles as a picture frame. Angélique made this project entirely out of cardboard.  She covered the cardboard with papers and of course with lots of SRM Stickers!  

Angélique's daughter loves to play the guitar so Angélique decided to create this piece as a focal point for her daughter's surprise party.  Angélique found lots of pieces for this guitar at a flea market:  the strings, bridge, tuning pegs and fret.  They all came from old guitars and ukuleles. 

She used SRM's Everyday Girl sticker on the front an back of her guitar.  

And  Angélique used lots of SRM Border Stickers to decorate her creation from top to bottom.

What a fun way to display a photo.

This guitar served as a centerpiece during the party and now serves as a decoration in the bedroom of her daughter.

And here are the SRM Stickers that Angélique used on her project. 

What a lucky girl to have a talented mom like Angélique!


Shelly said...

Very cool! Love this! :)

Engielilou said...

Than you Shelly