Thursday, September 5, 2013

Non Stop Tee by Ann

Ann Molvik loves to knit for her family.  She has 5 children and they all have lots of beautiful sweaters, vests and novelty knitted items like headbands and toys.  

Today Ann shares with us a "Non Stop Tee" that she knitted for her daughter Lillian.  Ann used Lilac Twine from The Twinery and this little sweater is adorable!  The Non Stop Tee is knitted in one piece, without breaking yarn.  It is flexible in size and can just as well be worn inside out, so toddlers and small children can easily dress themselves.

Lillian loves her knitted tee!  Can you tell? 

Ann's girls love the Twinery's Lilac Purple.  It's their favorite color!

Here is the link to the free pattern by Torunn Espe

And by the way, the twine is 100% cotton and washes up beautifully.  Doing a lot of knitting for her children, Ann wants a fiber that washes up nicely.  With an active girl like Lillian, this tell will be getting many washings!

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