Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heart Strings Jute Twine by Shantaie

Shantaie here today bringing you some Valentine love! 

There are string art projects everywhere lately, and can be purchased in almost every shape even green dinosaurs! I was intrigued, and wondered if I could make one myself. I picked up a wood frame by Jillibean soup, and cut a vinyl heart and placed it in the center, I found this step easier for me, as I can't really draw! I grabbed a handful of small nails and hammered them along the heart and peeled the vinyl away.

I began just wrapping and crisscrossing my jute twine in a random way, I didn't follow any specific pattern because I wanted my heart to be a free form pathway, kind of like my real heart! 

Not only was this fun, it was easy, and very relaxing. I would highly recommend this as a calming, or soothing activity, and the end result is so unique, and personal! If you want to make a specific pattern, there are plenty of instructions online, and you cam make almost any shape, especially using adhesive vinyl as a guide!

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