Friday, November 4, 2016

Bible Journaling by Christine

Some days you just need a reminder to focus on the things that can change the world instead of focusing on the negative. Christine joining you today with a Bible Journaling piece that I made on one of those days! I used the Trust In the Lord Stamp Set for this piece.

The background on this came out of the hours of playing with the brush tips on my Le Plume II markers.  I have been playing a ton with brush lettering and as I was messing around I kind of stumbled onto how fun just making little marks could be!

I decided to do multiple colors but keep the same pattern.  I set a metal circular die on the border in order to help me keep a consistent shape going.  After I was done with all the brush tip marks I then went back and used my Black Le Pen to outline each circle.  

Although I traditionally like to do a specific verse this time I didn't have one coming to mind.  Instead I focused on a variety of attributes that God desires from me and that I myself need to be focusing on!

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