Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sticker Stitches Cards by Tenia

Tenia Nelson loves her Sticker Stitches.  She uses them on almost every card she makes often in combination with Washi Tape.  

Enjoy these fun and fabulous cards….
Can you spy the Sticker Stitches?

The simple stitches over Washi Tape in the lower right corner….

The zig zag stitches over Washi Tape in the lower right corner...

And white Sticker Stitches over Washi Tape on the left side of this card.  

What would Tenia do without her Sticker Stitches?  
No worries, she has plenty of them for all her cards and I'm sure she will continue to use them as her signature on her amazing cards. 

Thanks for joining us today.  Be sure to post your cards using SRM Stickers to our Flickr.  Who knows… you might just be featured on the SRM Blog! :)

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