Friday, July 2, 2010

A Notepad Tutorial by Tanis

It's Fun Friday here at SRM Stickers. I cannot wait to try out this tutorial, created by TANIS. My girls are crazy over notepads and go through them like crazy. They would each adore a personalized notepad. Here's Tanis!


Photocopy paper
Journal cards (Summer Soiree Cards, Fancy Pants Designs)
SRM Sticker sheet, Express Yourself - "Everyday Life" (#42038)
Embroidery floss
Paper piercer
White craft glue
Paper scorer

Choose 2 journal cards as the front and back of your notepad. Choose more to insert between the pages of your notepad. Measure your journal cards. Cut your photocopy paper into strips that measure the width of the notepad x twice the length. Fold strips in half.

Stack the folded strips together, inserting your journal card pages throughout the stack.

Making sure the tops of the pages are evenly lined up, glue the top edge of the paper stack along the folded edges. Use binder clips or clothespins to hold the stack together while it dries. Part way through the drying process, you will want to wipe away any excess glue, and reclamp to dry completely.

While you're waiting for the glue to dry, decorate your front and back covers. I added SRM Stickers to fill up the blank spots in the journal card. Score the front and back cards, ¼ inch from the top.

Apply glue to the back side of the scored section of your front and back covers. Unclamp your paper stack, attach front and back covers, and reclamp the stack. Allow to dry.

Cut and score a piece of card stock to fold around the top edge of your notebook. Adhere strip, clamp and allow to dry. Pierce holes along top edge. Stitch notebook together.

Add stickers to the inside journal cards throughout your notebook. Here are front and back photos of my notepad! I hope you enjoyed!

What a fun project, Tanis! Join us all next week as we begin showcasing our July theme projects. We'll be using the same sticker 3 ways - you will not believe how creative and versatile SRM Stickers can be! Have a terrific weekend...



Anonymous said...

tanis, i LOVE this!!
i'm always making mini books, too!!
this one is really, really sweet. :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Very very clever!!!

{VICKI} said...

great project!

Deana said...

Darling project, Tanis! :-)

Unknown said...

Excellent idea!!! Very clever and cute! Must try this soon!

Kathy said...

This tutorial leaves me speechless. I just love this little book. So clever and so creative. What can I say you rock Tanis!

Melanie said...

I love this idea. Can you say what kind of glue you used? Was it just along the tops of the papers or inbetween each one? Also, what did you use to pierce holes through all of that paper? Thanks--this is adorable!