Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Baby's First Year Mini Album by Giorgia

Hello SRM friends, Giorgia here to share a mini album of a baby: my husband cousin had a little girl almost a year ago, so I decided to make a mini album to document each month of her first year.The mini isn't finished yet, since by niece Greta is now 9 months, but I want to show you what I made so far.

This is the cover: I used some baby themed SRM stickers and glittered hearts die-cut with cutting machine.

The mini is a very small, cute, accordion mini album: to create the structure cut a 12x12" pink cardstock in 3 strips of 4"x12" and score them at every 4". Adhere together two strips, cut the other one in two identical parts and glue them to the beginning and end of the previously made accordion. This is the final result:

For the inside pages, I chose this cute patterned paper with months on it. I cut each month and adhered it onto a piece of patterned paper: this papers measures 3x8", scored in half in the long side, and they will contain the picture inside, on the bottom flap.

Adhere each paper to the structure: you will have 4 pages free from pictures, I decided to place them in the beginning to document Greta's first day of life, between month and in the back cover.

This is the first page, to document the first day of life: I used Baby plans stamps and I added handwritten dates with black pen from Le Pen 4 Piece Set - Dark Colors.

The top flap of each page is filled with SRM stickers: I used Baby's First Year-Girl stickers and Calendar Numbers/Small for the date. 

  In each page I used a lot of lovely baby themed SRM products. I didn't add dimensional parts, because I wanted the mini to stay flat once closed: I only used stickers and die-cuts:

I love the cute "milestones" stickers from Baby's first year stickers.

I adhered some of the stickers to scalloped punched pieces circles to create fun embellishments:

 Here you can see another examples of how I decorated the pages without picture.

My niece is the cutest, isn't she? I love her so much!
I already made also the gift box to contain the album: the mini perfectly fits into a kraft window box A2. I embellished it with a sticker, sequin and a jute twine bow.
I will gift it to her parents at her first birthday.

Until next time,
ciao, Giorgia

SRM products used 

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