Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Planner Stamps in Bible Journaling by Samantha

Hello! Samantha here to share some recent Bible journaling I've created. I'm doing a little something different today as I'm using planner stamps in my Bible journaling.

For this page, I used the new Seasonal Plans Planner Stamps, ColorIn Watercolor Pencils, a black Le Plume marker, and colored ink pads.  

I love to use my watercolor pencils to highlight the text in my Bible that I'm journaling about. Since this was a bit of poetic praise I change colors of pencil as the thought changed.  

Since the section I was focusing on was about the seasons, I used the Seasonal Plans stamp set to add the names of the seasons and an icon for each season as framing for this section of highlighted scripture. 

Finally, I used the journaling margin of my Bible to add "He changes the times and Seasons" with my black Le Plume marker. Then I added some pops of color by coloring in some of the letters with my watercolor pencils. 

As you can see, using planner stamps in Bible journaling is just one more way to get lots of use from your SRM stamps. Have you ever used your planner stamps in your Bible?

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