Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Box by Cassonda

Hi Everyone! 
Cassonda here to share with you a sweet little project I made.

I had a FUN photoshoot at a wedding last weekend! The wedding was small and quaint and the bride looked beautiful. As I went through all the photos and saved them on a flash drive for the bride & groom I couldn't help but think...this needs to be presented in a pretty package. I'm all about the pretty packaging. :)

First I ran a medium pillow box through my embossing machine, leaving little hearts all over. Isn't it adorable??  The colors of the wedding were red, white and black so I used the same colors. I even added some soft red chalk to a few of the hearts. ♥♥♥

For the sweet tag, I just cut up some leftover scrap paper into tag shapes and added a date stamp.  I also added a red punched piece and placed a flower sticker on top.

Then I took a silver doily, punched a circle shape out of it, cut it into a swirl and rolled it up into a flower.  Even doilies can be used in fascinating ways!  When all the glue had dried I tied it up with some sheer red ribbon and Marachino Twinery Twine.  The only thing left to do was slip the flash drive inside and present it to the lovely couple. :)

If you have something small to give to someone why not use a little kraft pillow box? They are so fun and easy to decorate for any occasion. 

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