Monday, October 13, 2014

Mini Calendar by Cassonda

Greetings fellow SRM Sticker fans!  Cassonda Tadlock here today.  Are you already thinking about the new year? I tend to plan things in "quarters" so I am already looking at plans for January and beyond.  I wanted to give my niece a little calendar book she can keep in the small pocket of her backpack to use at school. This "krafty" calendar is actually made from one of SRM's chevron embossed kraft bags.

Want to make one of these little cuties?  Here's how!  Using one of SRM's Embossed Chevron bags, I cut all the sides off of one of the kraft bags and then cut in half so you have 2 long strips. Accordion fold your strips so you have 6 squares on each strip. 

Place your mini calendar stickers on some pretty paper (The stickers are clear so the paper shows through!), cut with a trimmer and adhere to the accordion folded strips. (I adhered the back of June and July together so the calendar would be one long strip.)

Fold the calendar up, tie a ribbon around it and add one of the Year of Memories Calendar Sticker Tags. Place it inside a decorated glassine bag for a pretty gift presentation. I used the Valentine and Birthday Birdie Stickers to decorate the front of the glassine bag.

These would make such cute stocking stuffers for your friends! I plan on creating a bunch more before Christmas. I hope this also helps you get ready for the new year! 

Here's the embossed kraft bag that I used for the base of my calendar.

And here's the glassine bag that I tucked it into.  

So how many of these fun little calendars do you want to make?
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