Friday, April 20, 2018

Fat & Fabulous T- Shirt by Tobi

Hello there! It's Tobi here, and I'm sharing my first heat-transfer vinyl project with you today. 
Yes, my first project... That's how easy it is! I can see how this craft is addicting (all of the tutorials I've watched say it) and now I'm looking around my house to see what else I can embellish. 

For today, I purchased: 
1) a plain black t-shirt
2) an iron (because yah... I didn't have one, haha)
3) heat-transfer vinyl in pink and silver glitter

The final product was the result of a happy accident - the "Fabulous" was originally pink, but the cut didn't cut properly, so I decided to cut it out of silver. I think it worked out perfectly! 

And here's me in my brand new shirt, wearing it loud and proud!!! 

Thanks for taking a look, and trust me, try heat-transfer vinyl!! 
So fun, so easy, and it looks amazing!

pink and silver vinyl

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