Thursday, April 5, 2018

Vinyl Wall Hanging by Christine

It's always nice to be able to create a new home decor piece and the vinyl selection from SRM makes it easy to do just that!  Christine joining you today with a new piece I made for our Dining Room.  My kids and I do our homeschooling in that room and they could use a reminder on both fronts about being humble and kind. So enter the message for this piece :).

I combined some hand made flowers and leaves with a wood plank base.  Then I brought in some vinyl that was easily cut on my electronic cutting machine. One thing I really enjoy about a project like this is how simple you can keep things.  You don't need a whole bunch of layers or fuss, just a few quick details and it is done!

Once I found a quote I was happy with - I combined it with my vinyl and began cutting.  Finally I used a transfer sheet to place it on my wood plank background.  That made it nice and easy to remove the whole thing and keep it straight.


Unknown said...

what is your electronic cutting machine? Is it expensive?

Christine said...

I used a Silhouette Cameo