Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sermon Notes by Jenn

Hello friends! Jenn here... back to share how I like to use my planner to take sermon and podcast notes. During the week when I have downtime I really enjoy listening and watching sermons and podcasts...thus lots of notes. I started putting them all in my Happy Planner Faith edition so I could easily reference the notes and come back to them as possible Bible journaling entries.

I began by attaching large die cuts to the page with my tape runner. Then I pulled out my LePens ....these colors have me all kinds of heart eyes! I picked out three colors that fit with my overall color scheme. As important key points and main ideas were brought up I used my key and light bulb icon stamps to further pull out these thoughts. I journaled the main theme I took from the message using the tiny alpha and circles. To finish off the page I stamped a few words that fit with the theme of the page, added some washi and few stamped hearts.

I find myself more likely to pull out my notes if I find them appealing to look at, which in turn causes me to reflect more and dwell on the messages. I hope this encourages you take those crumpled notes out of your Bible and put them in a journal. This could be a great place to start Bible journaling if writing in a Bible makes you a little nervous.

Supplies Used:
Le Pen 10 piece set - Neon colorsClear stamp/ Pray, Journal, Repeat, Clear stamp/ Daily Devotion