Friday, January 6, 2017

New Product Introductions - Jute Twine & Lace - Day #5

SRM loves twine!  And now we have 1.5 mm Jute Twine in lots of delicious colors! Here are 4 new colors perfect for Spring! 

Mint Green.  YUM!

Lavender.  Delicious!


Light Pink.  Precious!


Light Blue.  Soft and sweet! 


Here's a fun idea of what to do with Jute twine and some SRM doilies!  Who would not love receiving this pretty gift?  Easy peasy but oh so fabulous!

And we also love lace!   Here's a simple project that's sure to dress up any occasion!

Here are the two new lace offerings in black.  

There's a 2" x 25 yards spool.

And a 4" x 10 yards spool! 

What's your favorite?  So hard to choose!

Thanks for joining us this week for all of our new product introductions.  Soon our design team will be showing you projects using all of them!  And they will be available in your local stores, favorite online stores of SRM's store soon!


Amy C. said...

I've never met a twine or ribbon I didn't like! The Mint twine is especially pretty!

Cathy said...

My favorite is the blue twine! It looks thick and rich!

Teresa Doyle said...

Oooh, I especially like the jute twine! Very pretty colours!

Sue LD said...

Very pretty colors of twine and beautiful lace. My fave is the lavender twine.

cghundley said...

I love all the
colors in the
Jute Twine! So
Carla from Utah

Ange said...

Totally loving the jute twine and those colors are super fun!!!

Leanne said...

Never seen jute twine in such juicy colors.

Mary Holshouser said...

Love the colors of the jute.
It will look great on my greeting
cards. It is not as bulky as
ribbon when I'm wanting to mail
my cards - so I use a lot of
twine. Now I can get a more
rugged and pretty look with the
thanks for sharing.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Beautiful colors!!!