Monday, January 9, 2017

Luke 19 by Shannon

Hi, Shannon here. Sharing some bible journaling with you this wintery morning, and I promise, you'll identify with the message.

Luke 19, it's a fairly well known passage, it's about a tax collector named Zaccahaeus. Zaccaheaus isn't anyone special, in fact he's despised. People were not fans of the tax collectors back in the time of Jesus. However, by the end of the reading, Zaccaheaus is indeed special because he does something that we all struggle with daily. He lets go. He gives it to God. He also is able to discern that he needs to repent and do acts of good works. He also acknowledges what is wrong within him and begs forgiveness. It's hard to admit when you're wrong...but sometimes you are, I am, we all are! We have to admit this to ourselves and work on this each and every day. Somedays are successful and others we fail miserably, but don't stop trying! Keep going! ❤

There are so many ways to journal in your bible, some people use word art, others can draw beautifully, some can sketch..others doodle, keep journaling and never worry that yours doesn't look like someone else, comparison is the thief of joy. ❤

I used some great stuff available from SRM for this page, you can see the products I used below!

Products used: 
Watercolor Twist pencils 

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Teresa Doyle said...

A great page Shannon but an even greater message. Thanks for sharing this today! A GREAT reminder!