Monday, August 26, 2013

School Days Card by Shelly

Shelly Kurth wanted to make a School Days project decided to go with a nice CAS card! :)  It's stamped and stickered and all blinged up.  How fun!

 What a great back to school card for a child of any age. Shelly tried to make it very 'hip' and fun, maybe for a somewhat older kid. Love how the Sticker Stitches have the look of a spiral notebook.  

Here's the sticker that Shelly used, SRM's Live Life School Sticker.

What a great idea to tuck this fun and fabby card into your child's back on the first day of school with a nice little note inside!  Thanks Shelly for the inspiration.


Lesley said...

It is adorable! Love the loopy stitch!

~amy~ said...


Cindy Groh said...

Super cute. Love it.

Judy1223 said...

Shelly's card is clean and simple perfection (as usual!)! It really hit home for me as my two oldest kids are going in to 8th grade this fall and both would LOVE this card...perfect for boy and girl alike! Great job, Shelly!