Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mixed Media Layouts by Yvonne

Yvonne Yam loves to get inky when creating her Mixed Media projects and she loves to top them off with SRM Stickers!  The clear stickers work beautifully with mixed media.  Check out all the stickers that Yvonne used on this layout that was masked and misted. 

Love how she puts the clear stickers right on her photos.  And Yvonne is loving the Sticker Stitches.  She used them in 3 different places on this layout and she's got plenty more for other projects! 

Here are the stickers that Yvonne used: 

On her second layout, which was also masked and misted, Yvonne, in her own words, "went crazy with stickers!".  She likes to keep her layouts relatively flat and that's why she loves to use SRM Stickers to help her finish her layouts.

As Yvonne says "SRM stickers are great for "dressing" up the edges of your photos, especially if you are too lazy to ink (like me!)."  Yvonne also loves to use stickers to fill up speech bubbles that are so popular these days.  

Here are the stickers Yvonne used on her second layout: 

Thanks for all the inspiration Yvonne, showing us how SRM Stickers are just perfect for Mixed Media layouts!  


Laurel said...

Yvonne is amazing!

BoBunny Team said...

These are just amazing Yvonne!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Love Yvonne! This is adorable!!