Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Party Banner by Tracey

Tracey Taylor created a year-long PARTY banner that's just too much fun!

Tracey says, "I was inspired to make a PARTY banner using a collage of calendars and party sentiments so the banner could be used all year long for any party occasion. I took apart a canvas banner mini album and strung it together with binder rings to make the banner. What I like best about this project is how quickly and easily it was put together with minimal product. I also love how easily one can create a collage with SRM's clear stickers."

Mini Calendar Stickers (decorative) 48008


Carolyn King said...

i love how those calendar stickers look on the canvas--what a cool banner!

NatQuebec said...

I love your banner idea: will like to do it for my scraproom with a text ;-)

byAnnette said...

Really Neat Idea!
I like that it would last longer on the canvas and could be used all year.

Do the stickers stay stuck to the canvas or is any other adhesive needed?

Tracey Taylor said...

Thanks, everyone!

Annette, I did not use any other adhesive on the stickers. I just stuck them on the canvas and gave them an extra rub with the back my finger nail to make sure they had fully grabbed the fibers of the canvas. A bone folder would work well too!

~jan said...

I adore this banner, Tracey! Love how the stickers look and especially how you used the calendar stickers!