Friday, September 14, 2012 Liz!

Liz Weber used her crafty mojo to create a few holiday projects. Liz says, "I had these plastic cups left over from my daughter's 6th birthday party last year and thought how fun it would be to decorate them with border stickers! I added the cute tree sticker to each straw. My kids LOVE this and I will make birthday ones later in the year for their parties."

Liz created this adorable and festive gift bow by adding border stickers to both sides of strips of white cardstock and following a bow making tutorial. The strips measure;

8 strips of 1" x 6"
4 strips of 1" x 5"
1 strip of 1" x 4"

Have a great weekend! Be sure to load YOUR SRM work into our Gallery!


Annette said...

wow these are AWESOME...

Carolyn King said...

Love your awesome ideas Liz! Fabulous way to make the holidays more festive. Gonna have to remember these!

~jan said...

Love both these ideas, Liz!