Friday, February 17, 2017

Little Lamb Bible Journaling by Shannon

Bible Journaling is such a personal thing.  Each day many of our design team members spend time reflecting on Bible verses and then adding an illustration.  Today Shannon Morgan joins us with her personal thoughts and her beautiful artistry.


It's always an abrupt transition from preparing for the birth of Jesus to his adulthood and acceptance of what He's about to take on. This entry is still in the celebration of Christmas for my faith, yet here we are reading about John the Baptist declaring that Jesus is THE ONE! 

My mind is still stuck in infant Jesus land and we're already reading about grown up Jesus. I couldn't help drawing a baby lamb, because as infinite as Jesus becomes, he was still a sweet, vulnerable, beautiful baby boy. Being a mom, I identify with this, I am looking up into my Paddy's face now and it seems just that fast...he was a baby and it seems to have flown by. I can't help but think of him as my baby. I can't help but think of Mary feeling this way, especially once she realized what Jesus was going to endure. As always, I remain thankful for Mary's yes and Jesus being strong enough to tell his Father in Heaven, yes.

I couldn't have drawn that sweet lamb quite the way I wanted to without a perfect white pen. SRM has just that pen. It's light when you need it to be, the lamby swirls, or heavy when you need it, bordered letters. Thank you for letting me share with you and I hope you are inspired today!


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