Thursday, September 4, 2014

Doily Gift Tags by Lorena

Hey everyone! Lorena Cantó here to share a fun project that not only involves the pretty SRM gold and silver doilies but also making the most from your scraps! 

So here we go...
I made a metallic gift tag set with the SRM doilies, a stamped sentiment and that gorgeous platinum and gold shimmer twine I can't get enough of.

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Gift Tags by Lorena - #doilies #gold #silver #twine #shimmer #gift tag

Here's the how-to: First, you'll need to die cut the tags from cardstock. I used kraft as the base for the gold tags and white for the silver ones. Second, stamp and heat emboss the sentiment in the middle of the tags. I chose a new Waffle Flower Crafts stamp set.  

Now comes the fun part. Adhere a gold doily to kraft cardstock and a silver one to white cardstock. The doilies are super detailed, so I found the best way to adhere all those filigrees was with... (you'll never believe this)... a glue stick!!! I never thought I would use a glue stick again in my crafting. Hello again, kindergarten!

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Gift Tags by Lorena - #doilies #gold #silver #twine #shimmer #gift tag

Once the doilies are adhered to the cardstock, die cut again the tags from those pieces. The die I used allowed me to get two tags from each doily.  Next, trim the top and bottom of the "doily tags" and adhere those pieces to the base tags where you stamped the sentiment.  And because the metallic doilies are so detailed, I didn't want to overdo it, so the only embellishment I used is a tiny die cut heart.  Can you guess where those came from?

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Gift Tags by Lorena - #doilies #gold #silver #twine #shimmer #gift tag

See? After die cutting the tags I was left with two metallic scraps from the middle of the doilies and there was no way I was throwing them away. Look how many tiny hearts I was able to get! I love the texture too. And now I have a bunch of pretty little hearts to use on other projects :)

This project can be replicated in other colors. You can check here all the different SRM doilies you can choose from!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

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Shantaie said...

I love the punched hearts, cool idea!