Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiny Tube Ornaments by Diane

Hello!  Diane Jaquay here and I have a fun idea for you today using The Tiny Tube from SRM.  I decided to make some Christmas ornaments with them, and that idea took me in several different directions.

SRM Stickers Blog - Tiny Tube Ornaments by Diane - #tube #altered #christmas #fancy #stickers #twine #ornaments

For the first ornament I thought it would be fun to try and add glitter to a tube.  I've seen this done with round clear ornaments so I thought "why not a clear tube?"!  I love anything that shimmers in the light on my Christmas tree and I know this will look beautiful on it! 

SRM Stickers Blog - Tiny Tube Ornaments by Diane - #tube #altered #christmas #fancy #stickers #twine #ornaments

Just some glue into the tube. I think any glue that dries clear would work for this.  Then I spread the glue around the inside of the tube with a paint brush to coat evenly.  Sprinkle in some German glass glitter, a fairly chunky glitter, but I'm sure any glitter would work.  Poke a hole in the tube cap with a piercing tool, then thread some Twinery Gold Shimmer Bakers Twine through the hole to make a hanger.  To decorate this tube I used We've Got Your Border Christmas stickers winding the stars around the tube at an angle and decorating the cap with a Fancy Sticker Sentiments Christmas border.  I finished the ornament with some pretty, shimmery gold ribbon tied at the top.

After making the first ornament I thought "wouldn't it be fun to make these into ornaments but fill them with candy too!"  As a child I always loved anything edible hanging from the tree, and I'm sure most kids would agree :)  The tube can be opened, the candy eaten, then just replace the cap and you have a cute, keepsake ornament!  I filled this tube with green apple jelly beans.  I decorated it with some stocking stickers from We've Got Your Sticker Merry, and borders stickers from We've Got Your Border Christmas and We've Got Your Border Birthday.  I found that 3 of the square stocking stickers fit perfectly around the Tiny Tube.  Again I used some Twinery Bakers Twine (this time Maraschino) to make the hanger, and I tied a bit of green ribbon on top.

SRM Stickers Blog - Tiny Tube Ornaments by Diane - #tube #altered #christmas #fancy #stickers #twine #ornaments

 I decorated the last tube with tree stickers from We've Got Your Sticker Merry and border stickers from We've Got Your Border Christmas and filled with red coated chocolate candies.  These tubes hold the perfect amount of candy, not too much, not too little, just enough for a special treat :)   I topped this one off with a little red bow.

 SRM Stickers Blog - Tiny Tube Ornaments by Diane - #tube #altered #christmas #fancy #stickers #twine #ornaments

If you didn't want to fill Tubes with candies you can fill them with anything colorful, small buttons or beads for example.  I am thinking to make a special little Advent tree with them.  SRM carries number stickers that could be used to mark the days, and there are lots of fun little treats you could fill these with other than candy, such as tiny toys or stickers.  With these tubes, your imagination is the only limit!


Patti J said...

Love these tiny tubes, and what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anita said...

These are so cute.