Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vinyl Flower Pot by Shelly

 Shelly Kurth had to be honest.  She had never used vinyl so it was a bit of a challenge for her. Shelly had no clue of what to do with it! Then after trial and error, she manged to whip something up perfect for Spring.  Way to go Shelly!  Love your bright and beautiful project.

Shelly doesn't have a Silhouette so she used Spellbinders Foliage dies to cut her vinyl leaves and small Picot Edge Circles dies for the flowers.  She used Matte Pink,  Matte Metallic Silver and Glitter Pink Fizz vinyl for this project.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Flower Pot by Shelly - #vinyl #oracal #matte #631, #altered #spring

Don't you love the touch of glitter vinyl and bling Shelly added to her newly decorated pot?

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Flower Pot by Shelly - #vinyl #oracal #matte #631, #altered #spring

After Shelly completed her project, she came to the following conclusions, in her own words.

"1. I really need more dies or perhaps a Cameo would be nice, too!
2. I better stock up on some more vinyl!  I can certainly see myself using this stuff like water! ;)"

Oh dear, we forgot to tell Shelly that using Vinyl is a bit addictive.  Guess that warning came too late, she's already hooked!


Squirlygirl said...

Great job on your project Shelly! Vinyl IS super addictive :) I love, love, love using it with my Cameo, super easy and always perfect projects!

Virginia L. said...

Looks like SO much fun! I can think of a few possibilities...Shelly's project is inspiring!

Joni Andaya said...

What a CUTE project Shelly!!! Love it :)