Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monogramed Vinyl Canvas by Latrice

Latrice Murphy has a new favorite gift to make for her daughter's friends.  She always tries to give something meaningful and special to her daughter's friends.  They all know how crafty she is and this 8 x 8 canvas is the perfect personalized monogramed gift.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Monogramed Vinyl Canvas by Latrice - #vinyl #matte #oracal #631 #ribbon #canvas #personalized

Latrice chose Bubblegum Pink and Dark Grey SRM Vinyl for this project.  Here are the steps that Latrice did to create this project: 

1.  First Latrice created the design in her Silhouette.  
2.  Latrice cut her pink vinyl into a cool chevron pattern and the initial in grey.  
3.  Then she covered her canvas in Mod Podge.
4.  Transferring her vinyl to the canvas, Latrice pressed the design from the back, then turned it over and adjusted the vinyl.  The Mod Podge will still be wet so you can slide the vinyl into perfect position.  

5.  Once in place, Latrice added more Mod Podge over the top.  

6.  Then she added the initial and finished it off with another layer of Mod Podge.   

7.  Next Latrice choose ribbon, a beautiful pleated ribbon from May Arts.  

Latrice used her hot glue gun and created a faux bow with two tails that she hot glued into place.  Love the touch of bling on the bow!

SRM Stickers Blog - Monogramed Vinyl Canvas by Latrice - #vinyl #matte #oracal #631 #ribbon #canvas #personalized

Latrice can make lots more of these darling gifts changing the colors and the ribbons to make them all different.  Love the idea of a monogramed canvas to decorate a girl's room.  Such a thoughtful, personalized gift!   

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jessica said...

What a beautiful project!
Love the colors of vinyl used!