Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Life by Laurel

Laurel Seabrook loves doing Project Life and uses lots of SRM Stickers to create these wonderful pages.  Here's what Laurel has to say about her Project Life pages: 

"I am sure enjoying creating my Project Life album from week to week.  One thing I have made myself do is relax about it.  When I first started out I wanted both pages to be of one week and thus really stressed at times making sure I took photos.  What I came to realize that the whole focus of the album, I had to remember was just to document our daily life and if that life didn't have a lot happening one week then so be it - then it only needs one page.  That is the case for this week, it was a rather low key week with the first full week back to school - and as a teacher myself these first few weeks are very busy!"

Click on the photos below to see all the wonderful details.  See how many SRM Stickers you can find! 

SRM Stickers Blog - Laurel Seabrook - #projectlife #layout #school #stickers #calendar #lifeisgood

Laurel continues:  "Once again the SRM Stickers really made my page come together quickly.  They are so easy to apply and I love the subtle effect they add when applied right to the photo."

In this detail Laurel used SRM's Sticker Stitches, Life is Good Sticker Sentiments and days of the week from SRM's Year of Memories sticker.

SRM Stickers Blog - Laurel Seabrook - #projectlife #layout #school #stickers #calendar #lifeisgood

Laurel used "the little things" sentiment from SRM's Everyday Life sticker and she cut it up to fit the space she wanted to fill.

SRM Stickers Blog - Laurel Seabrook - #projectlife #layout #school #stickers #calendar #lifeisgood

And on this closeup Laurel used lots of random stickers from various SRM Sheets including School Express Yourself for "think" and "high achiever" and Stickers by the Dozen Patriotic for the "Hooray".

SRM Stickers Blog - Laurel Seabrook - #projectlife #layout #school #stickers #calendar #lifeisgood

SRM's clear stickers are perfect for Project Life.  What a fun and fast way to keep a record of the weekly activities of your family.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow for more inspiration from our amazing team.  Wonder what they'll be cooking up next?  Let's just say that tomorrow's blog will feature Angi Barrs and it's all about food!

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Jeanne said...

Great tip about PL...not to stress about it. Enjoyed your page, Laurel. You do an excellent job on documenting what is going on in your life. Thanks for sharing!