Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Votive Gift Set by Shelly

Shelly Kurth created this Fall gift set using a votive candle with a SRM Clear container, a Thanksgiving Quick Card, Thank You Borders and some Twinery Twine.

Shelly used a piece of vellum, cut to fit around the candle.  She then embossed it using a woodgrain pattern.  She adhered the embossed vellum to the candle and added some Cappuccino Twine.

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

Placing the wrapped votive candle inside a SRM Clear Rectangular box, Shelly arranged some burlap, diecut leaves and a mounted "a time for thanks" sentiment to place inside the box and then added some big, beautiful die cuts to the outside with a bit more Twinery Twine, Mandarin and Cappuccino.

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

Here are the SRM Stickers and container that Shelly used.

What a beautiful hostess gift to take to any Fall event.  Who would not love to receive this wonderful project?  Thanks Shelly for your inspiration.  And if you wanted to make this project for any time of year, just change out the Quick Card theme and you could have a Christmas gift, Valentine treat or maybe even something for a birthday!  See all the Quick Cards HERE.  There are 33 different designs!