Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Border Birthday Card by Shelly

Shelly Kurth creates cards with a minimalist look and feel and I love them!  Here's a great idea for a quick and easy birthday card that is really hip and happening.  Shelly uses SRM's Birthday Borders and cuts them up to use them like Washi Tape.  

She then adds a few simple embellishments:  a Flair piece from Bossy Joscie and a bit of bling.  

There are 14 different 9" strips for you to use on one sheet of the Birthday Borders.  And so many wonderful possible combinations!

Just think of all the cards you can create! I'm thinking at least 28!  1 sticker = 28 cards.  What a great idea! 


Ravengirl said...

Oh now, that is clever!

zelda said...

I love the srm stickers. To bad they are not for sale i the netherlands. Nevertheless i enjoy reading about them and looking at the creations :)

Niki G said...

Upper easy and fun! My kind of card!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun card.

yyam said...

Really sweet way to use those border stickers!