Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make A Wish Wand

The Designers at SRM Stickers are loving our newest tube -- the Magic Wand. Renee Morris-Dezember filled her wand with candy and created a pinwheel topper - so cute;

Renee used our Birthday Sentiment Stickers for a personalized greeting.

What a wonderful party favor!

We have a collection of cards by Nina Brackett, one of our Emeritus Designers, for you tomorrow. If you're an avid card maker, you will love these! Don't forget about our brand new challenge this week. Scroll down to yesterday's post to find out everything you need to know to win SRM Stickers!


Jane said...

LOVE it! So FUN!!!

Melanie said...

This wand is just beautiful. I love the pinwheel, the trailing ribbons, the colorful candies . . . everything :)

~jan said...

So cute!

Christine Traversa said...

love it!