Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlighting; The Queen's Ink

The Queen's Ink
Location: Savage, Maryland
Owner: Patti Euler

The Queen's Ink located in Savage, Maryland, is primarily a rubber stamp store. It is only recently that the store has become a customer of SRM Stickers. If you asked owner Patti Euler six months ago about stickers, she would have said that she does not do stickers. But now, her story is very different. Not only does she do SRM Stickers in her store but she has them front and center. I love how Patti uses antique pieces to show her samples off. And I love the "royal" use of the color purple in the store with those carpets and paint!

How did her love affair with SRM begin? It all started when Patti fell in love with our TUBES & WANDS. Patti likes to call herself "the Queen of everything" but here at SRM Stickers, we like to call her the Queen of TUBES and WANDS. Then she started adding our stickers to her store and now she's a Sticker Queen! She has done an amazing job at bringing in the line big time, positioning it right up front, making tons of samples to show customers what they can do with these wonderful products.

Recently Patti helped a customer make 36 TUBES as favors for a Baby Shower. Don't these TUBES look adorable? That is probably a customer for life and not to mention that the 36 ladies at the shower who are all going to want to get more TUBES for themselves. And Patti will be there to help them too! That is the beauty of the local stores. They are such a great resource for ideas and are willing to help their customers achieve their desired crafty goals.

We love Patti's enthusiasm about our products and we love that she is now a confirmed sticker person and is working hard to make sure that all of her customers know the fabulousness of clear stickers from SRM.


Deirdre said...

Patti is doing a wonderful job., wish I had a store like hers near me!

Christine Traversa said...

totally agree with Deirdre!

Melanie said...

Patti--your store looks like an amazing place! So happy to learn about you and see your beautiful projects :)

Virginia L. said...

So wonderful to see this amazing store featured. I feel so inspired already!!! I wish I live close to the Queen's Ink!! I will visit DAILY :)

{VICKI} said...


FibreJunky said...

The Queen's Ink is my local shop, and yes, I know just how lucky I am!! Patti is truly wonderful and she has an amazing array of tempting goodies. My wallet cringes each time I step through the door, but I love to spend time there!