Friday, March 11, 2011

Party Tubes

How perfect are our tubes for children's birthday' we have our Designers showing off a birthday money-holder and birthday party favors using tubes!

by Kim Arledge

by Amy Crockett

by Amy Crockett

You can check out all of birthday stickers by clicking HERE, and of course our tubes, HERE!

Have a wonderful weekend, we'll be back next week with many more never-before-seen sensational sticker projects, just for you!


TeenaBugg38 said...

ADORABLE card!!! I so want a stash of those tubes but had no clue where to get will be hearing from me!!! lol

{VICKI} said...

oh WOW!

I would love to get a tube with some money in it!

4kids4 said...

Such great ideas...these would be a huge hit around my house! TFS!

~Sharon C.

Virginia L. said...

These are TERRIFIC projects! So fun and creative!

Elizabeth said...

How cute and fun!

Christine Traversa said...

really cute!

Tanya said...

These are really cute! Love the idea of using them for party favors with a sweet tag!