Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Thank you for stopping by! We have a special treat for you today, Guest Blogger;

Jeanne Wines-Reed

Jeanne Wines-Reed, student of life, wife, mother, artist and entrepreneur, thrives on challenges. She holds a BA in Art, a single-subject (Art) K-12 California teaching credential, as well as a MA in Educational Administration. Jeanne has been thoroughly involved with the scrapbook industry on many levels for over 14 years. Affectionately dubbed "The Ambassador of Goodwill for Scrapbooking," she has traveled worldwide to promote scrapbooking, constantly working to provide resources that will help the industry grow in healthy, cohesive ways. Jeanne is the founder of the Great American Scrapbook Conventions and Scrapbook Retailer magazine. She sold both these successful companies in 2006.

In addition, Jeanne and her mother Dr. Joan Wines, co-authored three books together Scrapbooking For Dummies, Digital Scrapbooking for Dummies, as well as Scrapbooking Basics for Dummies (all published by Wiley). Jeanne continues to be involved with the scrapbook industry on many levels: consulting, speaking, writing, publishing, and teaching at consumer and tradeshows, schools, businesses, and senior communities, and integrating scrapbooking with charitable work--one of her other main interests.

Jeanne loves to travel and learn about new places and people. She enjoys photography, music, art, and writing. Her passion for life in its diverse forms is reflected in her belief that scrapbooking crosses every socio-economic background and emphasizes that because this is true, scrapbooking can be a powerful vehicle for understanding and peace in our world communities. For additional information on Jeanne Wines-Reed, contact JWR Enterprises LLC., 801-791-9726 or email Jeanne at

Here are Jeanne's thoughts on this special day;

In 1994 this day was set aside to honor scrapbooking. I’m grateful for this occasion to share my thoughts with you about the importance of scrapbooking. Two of my greatest life passions are photography and journal writing. Through both of these interests I’ve combined them with my background in art and this has provided me with an amazing “canvas” to tell the stories that I could only tell through a scrapbook. Scrapbooks are all about telling our stories with photos, journaling, stickers, embellishments, paper, and an album.

To capture my individual life moments and experiences, I make a conscious effort to carry my camera with me most of the time as well as a pen and a small journal. I see and hear so many inspiring things in each day I have the opportunity to be alive. I like the early morning sunlight and the sunsets at the end of the day. I work at striving to write in my journal each day about events, people and what. wisdom and insight I learned from the many experiences that happened that day. Life is a short visit, and I truly enjoy the daily journey. We have an opportunity to leave something behind for those who come after us, it’s a scrapbook filled with our images and writing.

In honor of National Scrapbook Day, I challenge each of us to create something about ourselves. Share our wisdom from lives daily lessons, so our posterity can know more about who we are what we have seen and learned about ourselves, others, nature, love, and living. Let’s celebrate by creating something lasting and inspiring for someone we love.

Jeanne put her thoughts into motion by creating a wonderful album. You can view it, in its entirety, HERE.

Have a terrific, crafty day! See you on Monday...


She's a Color Queen said...

Jeanne's album is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it Jeanne and your words of scrapbooking wisdom!

Kimberly's Krafts said...

Wow! So creative and beautiful! Thanks for sharing and Happy NSD!! :)

Kathy said...

Wow what a wonderful post and Jeanne is such a wonderful person...the album is amazing!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your feelings!

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for the thoughts on the National Scrapbooking Day! Jeanne's talent is amazing in all of her work. I'm amazed!

ellen s. said...

very cool!!!!