Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Very Versatile Vinyl by Shannon

Hello!  Shannon here with a quick project that will help you with your crafty Christmas gifts.  I am always looking for ways to make quick, thoughtful gifts for the people in my life. I am also always looking for earth friendly,  inexpensive ways to do this as well.

This project is a good one, I promise. You can make a great little gift for a teacher, a hostess, a neighbor and it can be a gift that gets used again and again. 

This is a repurposed jar. This project isn't new. I'm sure it's been done before, I'm just sharing a different way and encouraging you to do the same.  NOTE:  Be sure to clean the jar and let it dry before adding the vinyl.

SRM Stickers Blog - Very Versatile Vinyl by Shannon - #vinyl #patternedvinyl #DIY #gift #christmas

Select a design of your choice, or for whatever occasion you are celebrating. The key here is simple.  I chose a one word sentiment and some branches for a Christmas themed candle holder. The vinyl is where you can add the detail. SRM has some FANTASTIC PATTERNED VINYL in a bunch of colors so you can customize in so many ways...for holidays, school colors, etc.  I used the Red and Green Dots for this project.  So festive!

SRM Stickers Blog - Very Versatile Vinyl by Shannon - #vinyl #patternedvinyl #DIY #gift #christmas

Here's a view of the back, which shows you the branches that wrap around the candle holder. Pebbles or rocks are a great filler.  The candle is a small pillar candle.  Both the rocks and candle were purchased at the dollar store. The plan is to make more of these and wrap them in cellophane for teachers this year. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Very Versatile Vinyl by Shannon - #vinyl #patternedvinyl #DIY #gift #christmas

Thank you for letting me share with you today that sometimes less is more. I'm showing you that you can do vinyl also, especially if you find it intimidating.  This simple project is showing you that you can navigate it in small steps and master it.   So how many of these little candle holders do you need to make? :)