Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vinyl Home Decor by Christine

I love how vinyl allows us to personalize home decor. SRM has such a fabulous selection, it makes it easy to make it work for your home. Christine joining you today with a special home decor piece that I created.  My husband and I get asked all the time "Where are you from?" because we are not native to the area we currently live.  Between the two of us we have lived in 9 different states, either together or growing up!  So I thought it would be neat to make a piece that shows our "homes."

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl HomeSRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Home Decor by Christine - #vinyl #matte #glitter #homedecor #transfertape #silhouette Decor by Christine - #vinyl #matte #glitter #homedecor #transfertape

I created a one of a kind Silhouette cut file to make my heart.

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Home Decor by Christine - #vinyl #matte #glitter #homedecor #transfertape #silhouette

I first made a big heart and then added each of the states that we have called home, either individually or together.  It was interesting to puzzle piece those together but it totally worked!  I then filled in some of the holes with hearts.  I cut this out using the Glitter Vinyl in Cherry Red for this step.

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Home Decor by Christine - #vinyl #matte #glitter #homedecor #transfertape #silhouette

I then cut out my quote in Matte White.  Now this whole thing would have been a pain to put together if not for Transfer Tape. Transfer Tape ensures you have accurate measurements for placement and keeps the whole process from being a mess!

We'd love to see what you are creating with SRM's vinyl too!  Be sure to share on our Flickr or on our Facebook Vinyl page.


Bad Kitty said...

this is great

Shelly said...

This is so sweet!

Michelle James said...

Ok. This is one of the coolest things EVER!!! You did such a great job.

Cindy Groh said...

I love it. Super cute.