Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Summer {Card} by Shannon

Shannon Morgan is getting "punchy" using lots of SRM Punched Pieces on her cards.  She loves the 3 different sizes and the 10 different colors.  They make the creative possibilities endless.  

Let's take a look at Shannon's fabulous layered summer card.  And let's have Shannon, in her own words, tell us about her creative process. 

"I focus a lot on layers when I am creating. I always start with a base and build from that. Usually, my focus is also on colors. I think the key to layering is colors that compliment each other. Look at this card and you will see a trend. I started with the orange, placed the aqua on top. The yellow punched piece was placed on top of that. That becomes my base."

SRM Stickers Blog - Happy Summer {Card} by Shannon - #card #summer #stickers #sentiments #punched pieces #twine

Shannon loves the new punched pieces.  Note how she splattered alcohol inks to decorated the large yellow punched piece and then added a bit of bling.

"From there I tuck things here and like the additional punched piece, the fish and placing the tag just slightly askew. I then added the beach ball and flip flops. They are adhered to vellum, so while they add a layer, they don't take away from what's behind them."

SRM Stickers Blog - Happy Summer {Card} by Shannon - #card #summer #stickers #sentiments #punched pieces #twine

Shannon loves using vellum, twine and staples on her cards and layouts.  They are all part of the laying process.  

"The beauty of vellum, is I can add a foam dot behind the solid part of the sticker and no one is the wiser...adding dimension without sacrificing design. Wrapping twine around the card also adds a layer (that's an easy way to add dimension...if you're having trouble getting it to look just so, add a dab of clear glue behind the twine). Staples are also a big impact without sacrificing space."

SRM Stickers Blog - Happy Summer {Card} by Shannon - #card #summer #stickers #sentiments #punched pieces #twine

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall watching Shannon create? We hope you'll give all of Shannon's little tricks a try!  And we hope that this blog post has been a "Shannon Tutorial" so that you can make cards as fun and free as the one we have shared today!  And remember that SRM's Sentiments are printed on clear and look like they were printed on your cards!

Here are the SRM Products Shannon used on her card: 

Punched Pieces - Medium Scalloped Circle 

Punched Pieces - Small Scalloped Circle 

Sticker Sentiment/Summer 

Live Life/Water Fun

FreeStyle/Water Fun


Lisa Lara said...

What a cool card Shannon.

Diane Jaquay said...

This card screams SUMMER, love all the bright colors and fun elements!!

~amy~ said...

What a super fun card by Shannon!

Annette Allen said...

love all the layers.. so totally fun

Shelly said...

Oh, WOW!!! This is totally FUN! Love!