Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tube Gifts

Jan Tatomir has a favorite dressing for a pear and blue cheese salad that she thought would be a great theme for tube gift. Jan filled the tubes with dried cherries and walnuts, provided a decorative dressing bottle, and the recipe!

You take a peek at all of our cooking stickers, HERE.

Christine Ousley had a great idea for a back-to-school teacher gift. Christine says, "As a former teacher, one of the things that I always needed more of was pencils. They just seemed to disappear no matter how I tried to keep track of them. I was also always looking for ways to carry them around with my clipboard. Then I came up with an idea of putting the pencils in a tube. Then I figured I better think of a way to carry them as well and the idea of a "necklace" started to take hold."

"I thought that attaching a ribbon to the tube would allow you wear the tube around your neck -- A great way to take pencils on field trips or to the playground. To attach the ribbon, I first punched holes in both sides of the tube with my Crop-A-Dile, and then set the large eyelets. I slipped the ribbon through each eyelet and tied small knots on the inside of the tube. Then I decorated the tube with some apple stickers and the words pencil, paper, eraser from the School sticker sheet."

"The last thing I did was decorate the tube with a die cut clipboard shape and put the teacher's name on it along with a cute SRM pencil sticker. I am sure that this would be a gift that a teacher would really appreciate and find very helpful too!"

Our school/teacher stickers can be found HERE.


byAnnette said...

It would be Fun to receive these Gifts. Sooo Cute!

Carolyn King said...

oh my gosh...such clever uses for the Tubes!

Laurel said...

Wow, what great projects! I love Jan's idea!

Liz Weber said...

Just LOVE the pencils in the tube idea, I'm definitely pinching this one!

Love the yummy tubes for the salad dressing, so very clever and useful!