Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Wedding Ensemble by Jan

Jan Tatomir put together a non-traditional, whimsical wedding ensemble. Jan says, "Picture this. The country. Grassy field sprinkled with wild flowers. An old barn with picnic tables inside. Simple mason jars filled with daisies. Family style food service and metal tubs filled with ice and beverages. Bridesmaids in simple pastel colored dresses, each to match their bouquet. Groomsmen in off white linen jackets. A very laid back affair. This is what I had in mind when I created these non-traditional bouquets and boutonnieres."

Jan adhered various wedding and sentiment stickers to flowing ribbon. Since our stickers are crystal clear, they blended perfectly! Come back and see us tomorrow for Father's Day inspiration from Shannon. Have a great day!


Carolyn King said...

Jan- I love these unconventional flowers and bouquets. What a cool wedding this would be!

~amy~ said...

Jan is thee best.....!these are the best!!!!

Jingle said...

These are SO CUTE!!!