Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stamped Fitness Tracker Notebook

Hello!  Karen here today to share a fun idea using SRM Planner Stamps and the new Pray Journal Repeat Stamp set. I love all the shapes on that stamp.  I'm going to use it a lot!

So, like many of you, I find myself in a position where I need to pay more attention to my health and fitness. I am trying to exercise more and I thought if I made a notebook to track my progress I would be more motivated. With the help of some SRM stamps, I'd like to introduce my simple fitness tracker traveler's sized notebook.


Cute, hey? I used some scrapbook paper and cards from my stash and embellished them with stamps. The new mini alpha, found on the "Pray Journal Repeat" set helped me label my notebook "health and fitness." To remind me to "just do it" I randomly stamped {DO IT} from the "Notes to Self" Planner stamp set on the cover.

On the inside front cover, I couldn't help but use the "You can do it"~coffee stamp found on the new "Coffee Plans" set and highlighted it with a green stamped circle from the "Pray Journal Repeat" set.

I've kept the inside pretty simple (because I need to make time for exercise, right?). I stamped the doodle square (from "Pray Journal Repeat") 7 times on each page and then labeled each square with the days of the week (from Planner Notes to Self).

Each day I exercise I can stamp a thumbs up (yay me!) from the Everyday Plans set and write in my exercise for the day. I may add a page for my eating habits later, but for now it's one thing at a time!

For this project I used: